Where did 1000 come from?

Purbeck District Council believes it needs to add an extra 3080 homes to the Local Plan Purbeck over the next 17 years. That's in addition to the 1,700 already in the Local Plan,


This figure is based on a report from a firm of property consultants in London, G L Hearn. The report, delivered in October 2015 and paid for by PDC, is called a Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA for short). The report is anonymous. It makes heavy reading.


It estimates that there will be 3872 new jobs in Purbeck between 2013 and 2033.

Let's, for the sake of argument, say there are 20,000 jobs in Purbeck currently. That 3872 new jobs would be an increase of 20%. If employment grew at that rate across the country, there would be 5.2 million more jobs by 2030! That seems to be against government projections.

A clip from the dorsetforyou website:

The Government's Approach to SHMAs

The Government expects local authorities to undertake an SHMA for their area or housing market area, and that they should aim to meet this objectively assessed need through their local plans. 

However, in December 2014, the Government issued ministerial guidance which made it clear that SHMAs are just the first stage in developing a local plan, and that Councils can take account of constraints which indicate that development should be restricted. The letter also stated that SHMAs are not a proxy for a final housing requirement in local plans, nor should a revised SHMA invalidate housing numbers in existing local plans.

The final part of the letter advises that councils need to consider SHMA evidence carefully and take time to consider whether there are environmental and policy constraints, such as Green Belt, which will impact on their overall final housing requirement. Councils are urged to consider whether there are opportunities to co-operate with neighbouring planning authorities to meet needs across housing market areas.