WANTED! Volunteers to form our Neighbourhood Plan for Wool, Bovington and East Burton


What is it?

A Neighbourhood Plan gives our community a say in where we want new homes, shops and offices to be built, what new buildings should look like and what infrastructure should be provided. 


A Neighbourhood Plan must support Purbeck District Council’s Local Plan for housing - so a Neighbourhood Plan is not a means of reducing housing numbers.


A Neighbourhood Plan must have the agreement of the community involved. Once formed, it is put to the community for agreement via a referendum.


Why do it?

Our parish of Wool faces large-scale development of several hundred houses between 2019 and 2033 - a Neighbourhood Plan can help shape what this will look like for all of us.


By having a Plan we will benefit from 25% of the revenues from the Community Infrastructure Levy from development that takes place in our area - this can be reinvested in our community.


How is it done?

A Neighbourhood Plan is developed by a steering group made up of you: volunteers from our community.


We are looking for people with passion, energy, commitment and the time to help create our Neighbourhood Plan.


There is a lot to be done, including updating our community as we go. This is your opportunity to get involved and help define what our parish will be like in the future.


Want to be involved?

If you can help with or have experience of the areas or skills listed below, please contact Martin Hiles hiles0@icloud.com, or Parish Councillor Steve Smith stevesmithwool@gmail.com, to find out more.


Staffing stalls, Delivering leaflets, Secretarial / Administration, Project Management, Finance, Analytics, Planning Knowledge, Environment, Business and Retail, Communications including publicity and marketing, Infrastructure (schools, health, roads etc)