"The consultation document is misleading" - It's official!

The Partial Plan Options document on which we are being consulted makes the following claim in section 78:

West of Wool: Relatively strong public support. Acceptable for 1,000 homes

This claim is based on a consultation with us in Spring 2015. The results were published in June 2015.

In that consultation Option 4f was: ‘Consider new development west of Wool’ (for up to 1,000 homes).

262 respondents commented on Option 4f, of which 7 were agents/developers/landwoners, and 10 were councils and other bodies.

Chart 46 below shows that:

  • 90 out of 262 (34%) agreed with 1,000 houses

  • 70 out of 262 (27%) disagreed with 1,000 houses

  • 102 out of 262 (39%) wanted a partial development  (which means they wanted FEWER than 1,000 houses)

Only one of the ninety in agreement came from Wool (who could that have been?).

There were 480 respondents to the consultation across Purbeck in total.

One can justifiably claim that:

A significant majority (two thirds) of respondents were opposed to 1,000 houses in Wool.

Peter Anderson has complained formally to Purbeck District Council that the claim of "Relatively strong public support" in the consultation document is misleading, The document published on 9 June 2016 still carries the claim. 

Here is the text of the complaint.

The complaint was referred to the Chief Executive, Steve Mackenzie, on 27 May 2016. He responded on 16 June 2016 upholding the complaint.  Here is his email.

He concludes: "I believe it is most appropriate to let the consultation continue despite my conclusions set out above. A statement that there is relatively strong public support is more likely to result in people responding to the consultation with clarity".


Really? Here is Peter's response to his email.