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A. Number of Additional Homes Required

Please ask the officers of PDC to review the requirement for 3,080 additional homes, and the numbers that were fed into the SHMA formula to generate it. That figure was already unsustainably high before the referendum. And post Brexit, the measure for economic growth used in the formula needs to be revised downwards - possibly halved.


B. Traffic

Everyone who lives in Wool is aware of the congestion caused by the level crossing at particular times. DCC’s Traffic Impact Study for Wool does not accord with what we experience. Please ask them to revisit their study of the impact on traffic and pollution of 1,000 extra homes in Wool. And indeed the impact of 3,080 additional homes on roads across Purbeck. Do not move our railway station.


C. Affordable Homes

We need homes that our youngsters can afford to buy and rent. The consultation document pays lip service to this need. Please demand concrete proposals for affordable housing that will not become holiday lets in a few years.


D. Flooding and Green Space

Wool Village sits next to the River Frome. The proposed large-scale development would increase run off and sewage discharge into the river, and on into Poole Harbour with disastrous effect. Wool is surrounded by beautiful green open farmland, which we all enjoy. Please do not let Wool become a town.